Sunday, August 15, 2010

Loaded Magazine Launches Energy Drink

British men's magazine Loaded ( is trying a new diversification strategy to try to boost it's revenue streams. After going into affiliate marketing by promoting Paddy Power and PKR amongst others, it has now unveiled its own branded energy shot drink product.

The magazine, owned by major publisher IPC, will launch a stamina shot, which the company claims it could help it's consumers boost their sexual performance. The drink which has been produced by Podium Brands will be available in a 60ml bottle. The company is hoping that Loaded energy drink will tap into a growing trend towards smaller, more functional energy products.

"It has been launched at a time when new research shows that energy drink consumers are making a switch from standard-sized energy drinks to energy shots and are keen to explore functional benefits other than pure energy," the magazine said.

Will IPC succeed in this brand extension? Will it manage to take a share of from existing energy drink power houses such as Coca Cola and Red Bull? Given that the Loaded readership has been decreasing year on year, the prospects are not so good as their readily available market is shrinking...they must invest in capturing new markets, but will people like to been seen with a loaded energy drink and associated with the magazine...let's wait and see

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