Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Mobile platform war...Android still Leader

Kantar Worldpanel has issued the latest figures of smartphone market share. Surprisingly enough Apple has seen mixed results.

While Apple has increased its share of the UK smartphone market it saw a decrease in its Smartphone market share elsewhere in Europe.

According to the published results, in the UK Apple’s market share grew to 31% in the 12 weeks to 30 November, up from 21% the previous year. This increase was partially attributed to the release of the latest member of the iPhone range...the iPhone 4S. Accordingly, Apple also made gains in the US and Australia.

While Apple grew sales in the UK, the picture was the opposite elsewhere in Europe. In France for example, Apple's market share dropped to 20% from 29% the year earlier, while in both Germany and Italy, its share fell from 27% to 22%.

On the other hand, Android continues to be the smartphone market leader in every territory included in the study, commanding a 47% share of the UK market, up from 35% the previous year, while one in two (53%) smartphones sold in the US run the Google-owned operating system.

BlackBerry, which faced a number of service issues this year, saw its market share slide to 17% in UK compared to 22% the previous year.

The Windows Phone has reported only round 1% market share. This share is expected to increase with the launch of the first Nokia Windows phone (Lumia) although sales of this model have yet to peak.

What do you think about the future of Mobile Phones platforms?