Sunday, May 26, 2013

Billboard Goes Live!

I came across this video about a billboard in Milan and I couldn't not write about it!
Basically how do you think would be the best was to promote a new insect repellent spray through a billboard? You might have a number of ideas but Publicis, together with Orphea (the brand of the spray) came up with a great idea!

They just turned the billboard into an insect trap and over a number of days the image of the spray was developing as it trapped more insects. It actually managed to catch more than 200,000 mosquitoes.

Although almost certainly motorists will not have the time to notice difference in the billboard or think what's happening, it got people talking and like in other similar cases, great ideas go viral! The press coverage that the billboard has attracted more than compensate for it's is obvious that the billboard has extended its reach far beyond those passers-by able to view it in person.

The only unlucky guys, apart from the insects themselves (obviously) were the workers who had the job of replacing the billboard poster...surely not the most pleasant of jobs.

Have a look at the video and let us know what you think:-

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