Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bayer in Breakthough Advertising

There are some issues, especially those that are sources of a moral debate, that always cause upheaval when advertised. A high percentage of such adverts relate to sexual health. UK's Watchdog has take a step forward in this regard as it tries to facilitate sexual health related advertising so as to increase sexual education with the aim of decreasing the rate of teenage pregnancy. However such moves, as always find a lot of opposition.

Bayer has now gone a step further...while before people were complaining because a proposal was being passed that would allow contraceptive advertising to be aired before the 9pm watershed, Bayer last Thursday started a TV campaign advertising the morning after pill - Levonelle. This goes a step further as there exist a further moral debate is not just about advertising contraceptives, but about whether to consider this drug a contraceptive or an early abortion (given that it doesn't prevent the exchange of body fluids to tries to correct what has already taken place).

The Prolife Alliance see this as an abortion pill however other organisations such as Marie Stopes International see this as a good step forward toward better sexual health education that might drive down the rate of teenage pregnancy. The issue now rests on where do we place the limit...should we allow any form of advertising for the sake of reducing problems such as teenage pregnancy or should there still be a limit....for example should we allow abortion clinics to advertise their services or should we auto impose certain limits...

This question is surely a difficult one to answer as it is sure to spark a very hot debate...however what is sure is that Bayer succeeded in one thing...they managed to spark the much needed discussion that will get the name of their drug of newspapers and online fora.

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