Monday, April 27, 2009

If you have to pay for breakfast don't worry - The Express will provide you with one for free

Have you ever been to a hotel in the UK which does not provide free breakfast or are you planning to stay in one of these hotels in the next few days? If your answer is yes then you may come across the Express by Holiday Inn 'Breakfast Express' bus. The bus is set to hit the streets of London and Birmingham offering free breakfasts to the public.

What is the aim of this initiaive? Express by Holiday Inn has a twofold aim; it aims at increasing the awareness of starting each day with a healthy breakfast to have the necessary energy to start off a working day and at the same time try to poach patrons from its ‘no free breakfast' rival hotels amongst which are Travelodge and Premier Inn hotels.

The Express by Holiday Inn breakfast bus will be staffed with InterContinental Hotels Group sales representative and these will be handing out about one thousand free breakfasts across the two days. During this campaign the bus is planning to stop at various locations such as close to rival hotels, where it aims to provide the free breakfast to hungry rival patrons, and key business travel agencies such as BSI and Carlson Wagonlit.

Jane Bednall, spokesperson for Express by Holiday Inn, further highlighted the importance that this campaign has in terms of increasing the awareness of good breakfast and the benefit it makes by providing its patrons with one. In fact, Ms. Bednall says that starting the day without a breakfast could lead to a sluggish feeling that reduces the daily proiductivity. This productivity, according to an internal research by Holiday Inn, is said to be costing the UK £22 one can say that it surely pays to provide a good breakfast to your employees.

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  1. Very interesting post, this idea could be used for the Maltese islands as well, especially when considering that we have very short Routes, this would also motivates people to come up with new ideas and suggestions.

    Good work and keep it up !