Thursday, April 23, 2009

ITV and YouTube miss an opportunity to capitalise on a new artist - Susan Boyle

I was surfing on YouTube in the evening after a busy day at work and came across a video from Britain Got Talent. I used to watch this program when I was abroad and I immediately got a nostalgia feeling and said let's watch it. It was about a middle aged woman named Susan Boyle who wanted to sing her favourite song ( Honestly when I saw it I said it was one of those participants that would come there just to try however this was before I heard her singing...her voice was simply left everyone astonished. Everyone was simply wondering how such a talent could remain hidden for so long! I felt proud for this Scottish talent and decided to do a small search.

I noticed that all videos that showed Susan Boyle's performance has extremely high viewerships...I believed that in total these videos had been viewed more then 100 million times!! I wondered how come YouTube and ITV did not capitalise on this opportunity and attach small advert to these videos? The answer came from an article from Brand Republic ( and YouTube could not agree on advertising terms and lost a golden opportunity to negotiate on pre-roll ads for these videos. With the huge number of people that this advert attracted, YouTube and ITV could have made a good return, a breath of fresh air during this period of economic uncertainty.

Susan Boyle became an idol for the common men in the street, a symbol of hope for those chasing apparently unrealistic dreams...These companies should look back at the opportunity they lost and learn to achieve a win win win win situation. Both companies, the artist and the advertisers all gain a share from the popularity and achieve their individual goals making such deal a fruitful deal for everyone.

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