Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogger seeks compensation from Advertisers

It is a known fact that people are exposed to numerous adverts each day without actually having the ability of doing anything to stay clear of them...However, McCruddon's a blogger was not happy with this situation and in his blog he examines the time he has spent sitting, viewing, queueing and waiting in restaurants, the Post Office, on the Victoria Line, watching TV and in sandwich shops over a six-week period.

From the calculation he made he found that he lost quite a large amount of time in front of adverts and he estimated that the time lost accounted to £6,000. What did McCruddon do when he discovered this fact?

He has actually written to more than 50 companies, and invoiced them for the amount of time he has spent with them. Funnily enough, Pret A Manger was the first company to have paid McCruddon. They have paid him the sum of £62, however the managing director of a fruit and nut stall has taken this battle to the next level...he is actually now demanding McCruddon to pay him for time spent reading his letter and blog.

How will this battle end...will McCruddon claims be met? Companies could actually pay the small amounts and use this opportunity to generate positive PR. McCruddon claims he wants to challenge the the general assumption that consumers are subservient to brands. What do you think?

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