Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Company Launches Mobile Phone for Kids

Firefly is a brand of Mobile Phones that has sought to detach itself from the main stream mobile user and has sought to develop mobile phones specifically for children. The company has already made available two handsets in the US and is now seeking to grow and expand into Europe.

These phones have the ability to take pictures, record videos, listen to MP3 files and play games, which nearly all other mobile phone have however it has the added feature that enables parents put controls on the phone. Parents can restrict who can be called from the phone, who can call the phone as well as controlling how much is spent.

Although figures show that more than half of children in the UK aged from five to nine years old already have mobiles, the launch of Firefly has spurred criticism from those worried about the erosion of childhood, as well as the health implications. Children are being introduced to the adult world faster and this could be affecting their future quality of life.

The phone will be debuting on the European Scene in the UK where they will be distributed by by Kevin and Frances Crean. The couple say on their website,, that they were inspired to find a handset suitable for their children after a health scare involving their daughter when she was away at camp. They have also opened a discussion board on their website to welcome any comments.

Although as stated earlier the mobile phone owning age is decreasing, governments such as that of the UK still advise parents to avoid giving phones to under 16s.

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