Monday, June 15, 2009

Koogle a new search engine

I was surfing the net and for new stuff on the net and came across this really interesting article and I said why not share it with all of you...

A web portal called Koogle has launched with the aim of giving orthodox Jews the ability to search the net without breaking any Torah commandments. 'Koogle' is a pun on search engine Google and the traditional Jewish dish 'kugel'. The Hebrew language-site is split in to sections including news, a market place for people to sell second-hand goods and a business directory for everything from Kosher restaurants to bridal wear.

The website is very targeted however there are already some concerns about whether the real market exists. The guide of the website says that it will also filter out items that ultra-orthodox followers are not allowed to have in their homes, such as televisions. However in this case, would ultra-orthodox who are not allowed to have TV be allowed to connect to the Internet and more so, own a PC?

The site is designed to meet guidelines set down by orthodox rabbis, ensuring that no sexually explicit material is shown.

The site will also not allow transactions on the Sabbath, when it is forbidden to work or undertake business.
Let's wait and see whether this will actually be the new trend for search engines and whether the new niche marketing strategy will take off...

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