Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Motorola and Beckham...their marriage may not be a perfect one afterall

This week has been a very hectic one as my PC was infect from a deadly worm! I am still without my laptop so I had to revert back to my PC...While searching for ways how to destroy the worm I came across this very interesting article....

As you know PR is an essential part of a company's marketing campaign and having a very famous brand personality is a big plus. A few months ago Motorola signed up David Beckham to launch their new £1,400 Motorola Phone...a big name for a high ticket item.

Unfortunately for both Becks and Motorola something has gone wrong! Becks is in hot water after pictures showing the former England captain tapping away on an iPhone hit the web. Italian paparazzi who are famous for their undercover techniques managed to find the scoop of the month.

The paparazzi caught Becks red handed while eating out alone in a restaurant in Milan. He was actively playing with his toy...surprise, was an Iphone! As soon as he noticed the paparazzi he sheepishly hiding it under the table, but it was too late!

Englands captain has been the face of Motorola since 2006, and has signing a multi-million pound agreement including his latest Terminator campaign for the new Motorola.

After this gaffe, it is still unclear whether Motorola will take any actions against it's brand personality for using competing products...who knows, Becks might be considered a normal person and as such is attracted by Apple's gadgets

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