Friday, July 3, 2009

Brands missapropriate famous people image

Brands have always tried to piggyback on famous names to try to make the most out of their image. This should however be done through brand endoresment however this is not always the case...a case in point is a brand of condoms from's the story:-

There apparently is a brand of condoms named after soccer star David Beckham and they've taken the Chinese contraceptive market by storm. It has become an instant hit and with a population of over one billion person and with the child quota in place you can't image otherwise...the sky is the limit when it comes to success...

The condoms aren't being personally endorsed by Beckham, however the makers of said condoms assure users that they "will score in the bedroom like David does on the pitch." This particular brand now sells more than it's competitors.

David's agent Simon Oliveria said, "It's not an official brand."

This is not he first instance of images image of famous people bein used without their consent however most of the time his finishes on a sour note (as compensations kick in place). This was the case of American Apparel who last May where forced to pay $5 million for the blatant misappropriation and commercial use of his image which said damaged his reputation. Brand owners should be very weary of this as it cost money to gone down this avenue especially when doing this in the western world...

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