Friday, May 8, 2009

Bigger companies following inovative ones in the use of Web 2.0 to engage with consumers

Innovative companies already sought ways how to engage with their customers, however today this is apparently becoming a necessity for most companies to do. With the recent economic depression, companies are seeking more ways how to retain their present customer base and only if possible, try to grow it.

Unilever is no exception to this. Last month, the FMCG giant attended the media and content event MIPTV to search for different ways how to engage more with their core customer...mainly woman. One of the ideas that emerged from this event was the creation of a campaign aimed at helping woman to feel better about their aging. Aging is a reality for everyone hence people need to come to terms with it...the more this is included in advertising and made to feel as something that's not the end of the world but actually one can discover beauty in aging the easier it will be come to live through this period.

The project is being developed with long-time agency Ogilvy. It will use interactive technology that lets customers see changes to their skin caused by aging. A similar project is also being launched for Persil in the UK.

Unilever isn't the only FMCG company using online strategies to involve customers. In March, Johnson & Johnson launched its own campaign for its Clean and Clear skincare brand. The company created online soap opera for teens featuring two best friends, Celia and Chloe. The content was distributed though webisodes and could be shared though social networking sites.

The Internet is empowering companies to engage further more with their target customers and adopt new forms of retention and acquisition marketing campaigns...what might be next? What will the new Web 3.0 offer to us marketeers?

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