Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eminem uses an innovative campaign to attract people to buy album

I was searching for a good article about the launch of a brand and came across this very interesting article...the famous singer Eminem who can be considered a brand in himslef will be launching his new album today. For this launch his record house has planned various campaigns in London to attract potential buyers to the new album.

The first promotional campaing will involve the deployment of an army of Eminem look-a-likes across London's West End that will try to publicise the release of the album. Eminem revealed that he started writing the album while he was in rehab fighting his addiction to drugs. This event will tap into the current wave of publicity surrounding the album release.

Another campaign will involve the deployment of a a mock rehab centre in London's Covent Garden on Monday. Passers-by will be able to lie on beds and receive "treatment" in the form of listening to Eminem's new album, 'Relapse'. The Relapse Rehab Centre will open at today (Monday) at 9am, and will close at 8pm.

Accompanying these two campaigns will be the deployement of giant letter E's in the centre's whereabouts (North Piazza, Covent Garden), which Eminem's record houses hopes will attract visitors and generate word-of-mouth. Will this campaign be successful? We will be reporting this later on this week when the impact of the campaign's results will be released.

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