Monday, May 4, 2009

The power of Creativity in Marketing

An important aspect of marketing and advertising, especially from the point of view of both the marketeer and the commissioning company is to use creativity in a way to attract attention to the brand. Companies are in a contast search for innovative ideas as these can be used to increase exponentially the impact of an advertising campaign. One company which made effective use of this guerrilla marketing tactic was Flygbussarna, a Swedish bus company.

The company concluded that a coach, on average, can carry the equivalent of about 50 cars (taking into consideration that the average car carries about 1.2 persons). At the same time coaches emit as much carbon dioxide as 2 cars. Hence the company armed with such information embarked on a very innovative used 50 scrapped cars painted them in the shape of a bus and placed this live billboard alongside a highway.

Have a look at this video to see the full campaign in the making and it's results

The result was simply fantastic...they got themselves a traffic stopping campaign that got mentioned in all media in Sweden, from TV to newspapers. The total value of free PR was more than worth it in the end, making the campaign an absolute success...if you know of any other such campaign go ahead and leave a comment here. It is nice to learn from such innovative companies

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