Sunday, May 10, 2009

Innovative way how to revitalise a country's brand online

I recently came across the new website of the Moroccan National Tourist Office (MNTO), which is increasingly trying to promote Morocco as a relaxation destination.Morocco has seen its visitor number declining over the past few months, and wanted to create a website that helps in reversing this trend.

Its aim is to promote the added value on offer to holidaymakers, such as free spa treatments.The new website,, is certainly worth a visit. Although there is not much Web 2.0 content on the site, I was immediately struck by the unusual use of video content, which enables continuous customer dialogue and interaction by suggesting the perfect treatment for your individual "illness".

I think that the use of video on the site definitely enhances the online customer experience and at a very minimum, generates awareness and interest in this destination, making you want to find out more. Indeed, the last tab, is a call to action that links to the main MNTO site,

Daniela Attard

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