Monday, May 18, 2009

Google, is there a new competitor on its way?

Professor Stephen Wolfram a very well renowned British physicist has founded a new company that is set to go head-to-head with Google as from today it has launched it's new search engine This new search engine seeks to be totally different to google as it provides answers to specific questions instead of giving users numerous search results that most of the time end up confusing the user more than helping him up. For example in response to the question "what is the population of London?", gives a single answer (7.421m), whereas Google provides 28,500,500 website links.

Although this is being indicated as a good candidate to challenge Google, the developer of this idea. Prof. Stephen Wolfram, does not want to admin this. He states that his company does not provide a search engine facility but it offers a computational knowledge engine. The website actually checks the question against a number of database entries and right now can answer questions on topics ranging from the population of a country to the distance between two places or the weather in a particular place. However, the site is unable to answer general questions. If the questions haven't been asked before it is unable to provide an answer...

The company which was set up by Wolfram is actually moving ahead as it currently employs 300 member of staff and is working on the improvement of the computer algebra system "Mathematica" which was created by Wolfram research. With the increase of popularity that is expected from this new search engine capability, the company is seeking long-terms plan to expand this project and if possible it will be willing to sell advertising space along its searches.

Will Wolfram beat Google or will Google catch up to this innovation?

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